Unlock the moments that power customer relationships

Customers are the most important asset for any business and can have many different experiences with your company on a daily basis. All unique moments that can make or break their relationship with your brand.

So how do you unlock the moments of extraordinary potential? The ones that deepen customer loyalty and deliver a bigger ROI.

We help you identify, optimise and activate the moments that create positive and sustainable emotions along your customer journey.


Our Customer Strategies research tools:

Decoding customer relationships

relationship TRI*M helps you create stronger customer loyalty by unlocking the unique code that lies at the heart of every successful customer relationship.

Creating valuable customer moments

transactionTRI*M measures emotional responses to key moments of interaction along the customer journey, and identifies the improvements that will help you build profitable customer relationships.

Activating the customer opportunity

Customer Forward’s data integration and activation services leverage connected customer insight from across your business to reveal new opportunities for growth.

Translating insights into actions

Activation Workshops are interactive, full-day sessions designed to bring research insights to life and deliver tangible action plans that meet your strategic objectives.

Building success from the inside

TRI*M HiPO (High Performance Organisation) is a comprehensive employee research framework that monitors your organisational performance. It identifies your strengths and priority improvement areas to help you drive engagement and create business success.

How we’ve helped our clients

Drive customer spend through improved service

Customer Strategies, TRI*M, Automotive

The issue

An automotive manufacturer in Germany sought to improve and standardise the quality of after-sales services, to increase cross-selling opportunities and encourage customers to upgrade.

Our approach

With insights from TRI*M we developed action-planning workshops for dealerships that focused on their specific drivers of customer loyalty. We prioritised the actions required, according to their business impact.

The insights

Our workshop approach enabled strong buy-in from client-facing employees. The specific action plans helped to improve operational efficiency and quality for each dealership.

The impact

Dealerships participating in the TRI*M workshops significantly improved their customer retention and were much more likely to meet the manufacturer’s defined quality standards.

Fight churn through customer centricity

Customer Strategies, TRI*M, Technology

The issue

A leader in telecommunications network equipment and services in Germany was losing revenue and customers from an important B2B segment. The business had limited budget to address the issue, putting its growth strategy at risk.

Our approach

A TRI*M survey assessed key drivers for relationship strength. Mirror analysis compared customers’ service experience with employees’ perception of their performance.

The insights

Customer retention levels were low - much lower than the competition and among the bottom third of the TRI*M database. Results showed an urgent need to clarify the responsibilities of sales and project management. Employees overestimated their performance and underestimated the need to deliver better customer service.

The impact

Delivery improvements at key customer touchpoints generated an estimated value to the business of over €35 million through significant churn reduction, increased average spend and customer advocacy.