Unlocking the co-creative power of the internet

ThinkTank is a research community with a new approach to research that helps us to go deeper under the skin of people, to capture life in the moment and to express ideas and thoughts more intuitively and creatively.

It’s a highly focused and straightforward online community of creative, articulate & engaged people. Through smart questions, interaction and analysis we are able to provide you with a fresh point of view focused on your burning business question. Our clients find the quotes, the pictures and the videos very useful to use in their business cases and presentations and to support their decision making. Consumers can connect anytime and anywhere (via mobile, tablet and PC) across the globe at a click of a button.

Questions that ThinkTank can answer:

  • What factors are driving and influencing brand choice?
  • Will my advertising campaign resonate with my target audience or is it too edgy or crossing a line?
  • What trends are currently catching the fancy of consumers around the world, and how might they impact my product category?
  • How can I get real-time perspectives on unexpected controversies affecting my brand or product category?
  • What retail initiatives in my category have caught shoppers’ attention?
  • How can my team work with consumers to co-create new ideas and opportunities drawn from real life experiences?

Key benefits of using ThinkTank:

  • A stringent recruitment process which allows you to interact with savvy people: prosumers, future shapers, leading-edge consumers…
  • A perfect combination of raw output and insightful analysis, presented in a concise and visually-engaging way, and delivered with a fast turnaround
  • Allows you to connect anytime, anywhere, how you want (via mobile, tablet and PC) across the globe at a click of a button
  • Draws on our deep understanding of cultural specificities and nuances around the world

ThinkTank is one of our Qualitative research tools