Building a high performance organisation

Optimal customer experiences require an employee engagement strategy that goes beyond simple employee satisfaction. TRI*M High Performance Organisation (HiPO) is a comprehensive research framework and monitoring system for aligning your organisation around key goals.

It identifies strengths and opportunities, prioritises improvement areas, and provides meaningful KPIs to monitor your organisational effectiveness and guide the creation of a high performance organisation.

HiPO focuses on the links between organisational performance and business success. It helps you understand what employees really think, coach leaders to drive change and create an actionable plan for building a committed and engaged employee base.

Questions that TRI*M High Performance Organisation can answer:

  • Is my business a high performance organisation?
  • How engaged are my employees and how customer focused are they?
  • How strong is the leadership within my business?
  • Are my employees aligned with our strategy and goals?
  • Is my organisation well placed to be a high performance organisation in terms of decision-making, efficiency, cooperation and innovation climate?
  • What actions and investment should I prioritise to become a high performance organisation?

Key benefits of using TRI*M High Performance Organisation:

  • Comprehensive business evaluation based on four pillars: employee engagement, leadership excellence, strategy and goal-alignment as well as organisational capability
  • Actionable recommendations and sustainable follow-up processes (e.g. consultancy exploring how to act on results, leadership coaching to help drive change)
  • Meaningful KPIs for use in incentive plans and links to financial metrics and relationship measures
  • More than 100 local experts from different backgrounds (e.g. psychology, statistics and organisational design)
  • Over 200 relevant benchmarks from more than 20 years of research

TRI*M High Performance Organisation is part of our Customer Complete portfolio