Insights to drive growth

The fast-moving auto industry needs research that can keep ahead of new mobility solutions, increased environmental constraints and connected in-car experiences. As the world’s leading provider of automotive insights, TNS offers innovative, fast-paced research solutions that ask searching questions to fine-tune brand and model performance.

With a network of more than 800 consultants worldwide, our approach is rooted in a passion for understanding auto consumers, a commitment to tailoring solutions around specific business issues and 50 years’ expertise connecting the voice of the customer to auto strategy. We provide uniquely clear, actionable insights to guide product development, new vehicle launches and pricing, influencing customer experience as well as unravelling the path to purchase.

Move quality forward with CEM and CQI

Our powerful online platform integrates a range of data to provide continuous, real-time customer experience insight. We’ll help you fine-tune customer experience strategy, drive loyalty, fuel innovation and limit the cost of recalls.

Decode customer relationships with TRI*M

TRI*M helps dealers and manufacturers identify and manage the optimal customer experiences that increase loyalty. It puts auto customers in their full individual and competitive context, including their point in the auto lifecycle and their relationship with other brands.

Fuelling the development engine with Car Clinics

Get precision guidance for every stage of vehicle development: from opportunity identification through design choices and prototype refinement to package optimisation, target audience definition and launch price positioning.

Pinpoint early innovation opportunities with Matrix

Matrix takes the guesswork out of auto innovation’s front end, identifying, sizing and prioritising opportunities.

Concept development with Super Groups

Sit down with creative-minded vehicle buyers and industry experts, to generate breakthrough ideas in our two-day, co-creation workshops.

Map the future of mobility with the World Mobility Observatory

The World Mobility Observatory is a uniquely collaborative approach to mapping future challenges and opportunities. It integrates insight from all those shaping the future of mobility, and combines in-depth consumer surveys with cutting-edge forecasting.

Get pricing into gear with price planning

Our scalable pricing solutions provide clear, actionable insight to set the right price for any vehicle, at any stage of its lifecycle. We advise on feature positioning, sales forecasting, brand price premium, promotional effectiveness and more.

Transparency on transactions with price monitoring

Our state-of-the-art price monitoring tools provide a market-wide view of actual transaction prices and end-consumer deals, enabling you to benchmark performance and respond to market changes.

Map the emotional drivers of brand choice

Leveraging TNS’s NeedScope psychological framework, we highlight the conscious and unconscious needs driving auto choices, and reveal the premiums that different brands command.

Win the brand share battle with ConversionModel

ConversionModel roots auto brand planning in the most predictive understanding of consumer behaviour available, providing a complete view of how brand strength intersects with pricing, availability and a host of in-market influences.

Enhancing the creative process with AdEval

AdEval uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques and the latest neuroscience-derived insights, to deliver clear, constructive recommendations on advertising strategy and creative.

Unravel the route to market with TAPPS

TAPPS provides the world’s first real-time analysis of the car buying journey, moving beyond retrospective data collection techniques to track individual consumers across online and offline touch points as they move towards an auto purchase.

How we’ve helped our clients

Drive customer spend through improved service

Automotive, Customer Strategies, TRI*M

The issue

An automotive manufacturer sought to improve and standardise the quality of after-sales services, to increase cross-selling opportunities and encourage customers to upgrade.

Our approach

With insights from TRI*M we developed action-planning workshops for dealerships that focused on their specific drivers of customer loyalty. We prioritised the actions required, according to their business impact.

The insights

Our workshop approach enabled strong buy-in from client-facing employees. The specific action plans helped to improve operational efficiency and quality for each dealership.

The impact

Dealerships participating in the TRI*M workshops significantly improved their customer retention and were much more likely to meet the manufacturer’s defined quality standards.

Riding back to market leadership

Automotive, NeedScope, Brand & Communication

The challenge

India’s market leader in scooters had lost its leadership of the broader two-wheel category, and attempts to regain its position by launching a new motorcycle had failed.

Our approach

We used a qualitative and quantitative NeedScope programme to explore the dynamics of the market, and look beyond function to reveal all of the needs that scooters and motorcycles meet.

The insight

Motorcycles and scooters address very different emotional needs in India; to become irresistible to motorcycle buyers the client needed a new brand that was young, sporty, irreverent and had a sense of freedom that could appeal to the ‘liberation’ market segment.


The launch of the new brand re-energised the company and returned it to market leadership amongst rave reviews from motoring magazines.